FIRM OPPORTUNITIESThe increased in demand of hosting various metropolis of Ghana presents unique opportunities to the players in the industry. Currently within the central region, the following are some of the advantages the firms is currently capitalizing:

We are in close collaboration with more than half of the District assemblies and have currently registered at almost all the major Districts Assemblies in the central as building and road contractors waiting to cash in on the governments’ one district one factory initiation which will take off this September,2017.

Increasing demands of new residences as a result of the government’s job creation.

The closeness of the company to the door steps of the customers facilitating easy access to the company’s customer service

Strong reputation of the company thereby enticing professionals and customers of all kinds

High demand for concrete products by the District assemblies and construction boom of the current government one district one factory initiative and injection of $2billion dollars into the economy places us at a very advantageous point.

FIRM WEAKNESSESCurrently we produce between 1200-2000 pieces of blocks both solid and hollow alike, we see this production capacity as woefully inadequate considering the immeasurable daily demand. Our inability to get capital to procure bigger machines makes us un-enable to meet our customers demand.

The government of Ghana intends injecting $1million USD each to all 216 Districts of Ghana, central region has 20 districts, the firm do not currently have heavy duty earth moving construction equipment to embark on such huge projects.

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